Transport Freezer Consta has developed Eutectic Freezers for transport of fresh and frozen foods. Ideal for last mile distribution, these freezers can be mounted on normal loading vehicles for deliveries and can be unloaded when the deliveries are done.

TF 550

STORAGE VOLUME (in litres) 550
OUTER DIMENSIONS L-1410mm, W-1000mm, H-1225mm

L- 1100mm, W-750mm, H-684mm

TEMPERATURE HOLDING TIME -30°C to -18°C 10-12 hrs.
COOLING CAPACITY 500 W at 43°C External temp
POWER CONSUMPTION < 5 unit/10 hr Charging
WEIGHT 175 kg

**All specifications are subject to change without notice, colour shade may differ a little from what appears in the images. Terms & conditions apply. All dimensions may differ +/-1.5% 

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