We provide refrigeration solutions to the industries that deal with perishable or processed foods. We are a proud team to be the flag bearers in developing corrosion-free refrigeration systems in India. We have a wide range of products specifically designed for the refrigeration industry. These refrigerated products use phase-changing material (PCM) instead of Glycol that enables quick freezing and helps in maintaining the required temperature for a longer duration.

Street Vending of Fresh and Frozen Foods
Consta Cool developed the first Plastic Rotomolded Eutectic Freezer. Introducing first time Salt Based Eutectic Solutions for better cold retention and first time using R-404a based refrigeration system for low temperature applications. Consta Freezer On Wheels widely used for Street Vending comes in various sizes ranging from 100 to 275 Liters capacities and are used on Push Carts, TriCycle Carts and Electro Rickshaws. With a Charging time of 8 -10 hours the Consta FOW’s ensure a cold life of 14 -16 hours during Vending operations. This ensures that products stay fresh throughout the day.

Candy Machines
Made from Robust Roto-Moulded Plastic Bodies, Consta Candy Making Machines have solved one of the biggest problems faced by the users of traditional candy machines using Brine tanks fabricated from steel or made from wood. That is the Rusting and decay of the Brine Tank. The Plastic Rotomolded Brine Tank of Consta Candy Machine ensures a Rust free, Leak free life of many years. It thus ensures a good insulation quality over the useful life of the Tank. Consta Candy Machines are ideal for small business owners who have a business of 5000 to 20000 stick candies per day. The smallest being CML-04 designed as a live Candy machine making 150 – 200 Candies/ Hour to CM-12 designed to make 1800 – 2000 Candies / Hour. Available both in Air Cooled or Water Cooled condensing units, Consta Cool Candy Machines Fit into the space and infrastructure available at the manufacturing unit.
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