Refrigeration Consta Cool takes pride in being the first company to combine the Refrigeration systems with Rotomolding Technology to develop Robust, Rust free, Eutectic Freezers, Stick Candy and Kothi Ice Cream Manufacturing Machines.

Product USPs:

Eutectic Storage Freezers – ideal for storing larger perishable goods like ice cream, drinks, and juices in areas with erratic power supply.

Candy Making Machine with durable roto-moulded plastic bodies. Consta machines address rust and decay issues common in traditional steel or wood brine tanks.

Kothi Ice Cream Machine – craft delicious ice cream mixes easily and safely. Using an ice and salt mixture, it ensures perfect consistency for your base.

Eutectic Freezer on Wheels
Automobile Vending Machine
Storage Freezer
Candy Making Machine
Kothi Ice Cream Machine
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