Ice Cream Manufacturing Consta offers a range of energy efficient and low maintenance Candy Ice Cream and Kothi Ice Cream Machines made from fully Rotomolded Plastic Bodies.

Consta Candy Machines produce stick candy ice creams like the Kulfi’s, Choco Bars, Dollies … Starting from a small compact CM-03 to produce 150-200 Candies per hour to CM-12 to produce 1500 to 2000 stick candies per hour.

Consta (KIM) is a traditional system with a mechanical stirring assembly where the cooling medium is salt and ice. The advanced version (KIM-R ) comes with factory fitted chilling unit which replaces daily use of Ice and salt. 

Product USPs:

Eutectic Storage Freezers – ideal for storing larger perishable goods like ice cream, drinks, and juices in areas with erratic power supply.

Candy Making Machine with durable roto-moulded plastic bodies. Consta machines address rust and decay issues common in traditional steel or wood brine tanks.

Kothi Ice Cream Machine – craft delicious ice cream mixes easily and safely. Using an ice and salt mixture, it ensures perfect consistency for your base.

Eutectic Freezer on Wheels
Automobile Vending Machine
Storage Freezer
Candy Making Machine
Kothi Ice Cream Machine
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