Insulated Storage Consta Rotomolded Plastic Insulated storage containers have been playing an important role in handling perishable Foods, Pharma and Bio products over many years. Be it In home storage, transportation or deliveries to end users; Consta Insulated containers are designed for every application.

Consta Cool CCIT range has been designed and developed to handle frozen foods. The extra insulation thickness equips CCIT range to maintain the temp of frozen foods stored in them. This makes the CCIT range very popular for short term storage and transport of frozen foods.

Consta Cool Fish tubs have been designed and developed for handling of fish at the source of fish catch. Be it Fishing at Sea, Rivers, lakes or fish farms. Consta Fish Tubs also find application in storage and distribution of meats and poultry.

Consta Cool Vaccine Boxes and Shippers have been designed as per WHO guide lines to maintain the temperature of stored vaccines with help of stipulated no of Ice Packs. 

Product USPs:

Available in different sizes and insulation thickness they fit into every application and every temp range. The Range CCIT with its extra insulation is designed to handle frozen products whereas the Range CCFT is designed to handle fresh foods and pharma products.

Strong Handles and facilities for handling with Forklifts and pallet Jack make the Bigger Insulated boxes ideal for handling in Factories and Warehouses.

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