CCVB Consta Cool Vaccine Boxes and Shippers have been designed as per WHO guide lines to maintain the temperature of stored vaccines with help of stipulated no of Ice Packs. 

VC - 1.6

STORAGE VOLUME (in litres)1.6 – Vaccine Carrier
OUTER DIMENSIONSL-280mm, W-280mm, H-325mm
STORAGE DIMENSIONSL- 961mm, W-961mm, H-200mm
PUF INSULATION50-60 mm approx
WEIGHT6.9 kg

CC 25L V

STORAGE VOLUME (in litres)10 – Vaccine Box
OUTER DIMENSIONSL-590mm, W-475mm, H-437mm
STORAGE DIMENSIONSL- 317mm, W-195mm, H-165mm
PUF INSULATION85 mm approx
WEIGHT13.6 kg

CC 60L V

STORAGE VOLUME (in litres)25 – Vaccine Box
OUTER DIMENSIONSL-755mm, W-623mm, H-545mm

L- 432mm, W-272mm, H-220mm

PUF INSULATION110 mm approx
WEIGHT24.7 kg


STORAGE VOLUME (in litres)25 –  DC Freezer
DIMENSIONSL-545mm, W-368mm, H-440mm
TEMPERATUE RANGE+2°C to +8°C at 43°C ambient
PUF INSULATION40-45 mm approx

**All specifications are subject to change without notice, colour shade may differ a little from what appears in the images. Terms & conditions apply. All dimensions may differ +/-1.5% 

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