Easy Handling of Temperature - Sensitive Products

310L - Consta

Eutectic Freezers for
Vending Operations

VF 115 - Consta

Efficient Material Handling for Smooth Warehouse Operations

Pallets - 9 Lage - Consta

Own your own compact, energy efficient and durable candy making machine

CM 12 Consta

Last Mile Distribution of Fresh & Frozen Products

ERTC ON 3-WHEELER - Consta Cool
About US

Partner with the leading providers of cold-chain management & storage solutions

A leading vending Refrigeration Appliance manufacturer in Roto Moulded plastic – Consta Cool Pvt. Ltd. takes pride in being the first company in India, combining the Eutectic refrigeration system with roto-moulding technology. The team at Consta has relentlessly worked towards developing new products and over a period of time emerged as a pioneer by adding value to the vending operations of perishable food products with their dynamic solutions.
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Customized Molding Solutions
Why US

Core Values

Technological Innovation

We focus on developing innovative solutions to curb the problems faced by the industry as a whole. Roto-moulded Refrigeration System is one such solution that also happens to be our USP.

Research & Development

We have partnered with universities and we constantly upgrade our understanding of new technologies. We invest our resources in product developments and prototypes to create better solutions.

Improvise &

We make sure we are all ears when it comes to our clients. Regular feedback and reviews about our products and services help us in creating better and improved solutions for our clients.


Our Clients

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